Google Glass dev shows off device's picture taking skills

Look, ma! No hands

Another image taken from the lens of Google Glass has made an appearance on Google+.

The hype around the hi-tech glasses has definitely been building of late, with various members of the Google elite spotted wearing the (currently) prototype specs out and about.

Their most famous appearance was on The Charlie Rose Show in the US, when Sebastian Thrun from Google X labs showed off the specs and even took a picture of the titular host to show off the glasses' picture-taking abilities.

Google goggles

And now Thrun is at it again, photographing his child in mid-flight. Yes, mid-flight – Thrun looks to be spinning him around and we would like to say that the child is smiling in the image. But it is one of those smiles that is tinged with fear.

Technically the image is decent and shows off the capability of Google Glass's camera well.

The post on Google+ said: "We announced Project Glass in part to let our team start testing prototypes outside the office. Sebastian Thrun, one of our project leaders, tried one out last weekend and we just had to share the result.

"We'd love to hear about the types of moments you'd capture if you didn't have to wait to pull out a camera or your phone. Please share your thoughts in the comments!"

There's no Google Glass release date but the fact that Google employees are testing out the device's capabilities does mean that we should see them come to market fairly soon.

What with these and Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer, it seems the tech world is warming to the idea that the head is the new place for tech innovations to take place.



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