Google Glass shown off again, new features revealed

Google Glass to offer picture-taking functionality
Glassy Google, proper glassy

Google Glass has been spotted in the wild once more, this time on the Charlie Rose Show in the US.

The augmented reality glasses system sounded like a pipe dream when it was first shown off by Google but this is the second time an employee has worn them in public.

There were some new features shown off in the interview, including some picture-taking functionality.

This time the wearer was Sebastian Thrun from Google X, the cooler and better name for what was Google Labs.

On the show, he apparently took a picture of the titular host with the Google Glass system and posted it straight from the device.

Through the looking glass

There's been no word on the full functionality for Google Glass, but having a camera built into the device is key to how the glasses will work – given they will be using augmented reality tech.

According to Thorn, you will also be able to compose emails by talking to the glasses and have incoming messages pop up while you are wearing them.

The glasses are also thought to sit higher up on the face than a normal pair would but this is so your normal vision isn't impeded.

There's no Google Glass release date but it may well be sooner rather than later, given most people in Google land are seemingly giving them a go.

Via Electronista

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