Google Glass gives then takes away when it comes to Explorer Edition winners

Except for some, who were told "Not really!"

Google has begun notifying the 'lucky' 'winners' who now get to hand over $1,500 (£1100 / AU$1450) to be one of its Google Glass Explorers.

The reverse-lottery was run over Twitter, with regular joes tweeting what they'd do with Google Glass alongside the hashtag #ifihadglass.

Some of the winners are boring ("ooh a day in the life of NYC video" - SNORE), some are kind of cool ("I'd load it up with bedtime stories to read my kid").

And of course some are abundantly creepy - "I would creep people out by staring at them and saying audibly, "Glass, save a picture of that one for laterrrr," and winking." Creepy but by far our favourite of the entries we've happened across.

Money matters

Unfortunately, it looks as though a heap of winners weren't aware that they were winning the opportunity to spend £1000 on a pair of glasses and have had to drop out which means that there may yet be more notifications to come.

Google has also been a bit haphazard with the old winner notifications - it's had to rescind a couple because "it's become clear that a few applications that don't comply with our terms have slipped through the cracks".

Pretty big cracks, though, judging by the tweets that 'slipped through' - "#ifIhadglass I'd cut a bitch!" proclaimed one-time winner @Nikki__Graziano.

Well, you can't deny that would make for a diverse pool of Exploration…

Via Gizmodo UK