HDMI 1.4 to add 3D broadcast support

Even though no standard has been reached

HDMI 1.4 is to support broadcast 3D, according to HDMI Licensing, the group behind the specification, even though no fixed standard has been reached.

The group are meeting up on January to work out a way for broadcast 3D to accessible via HDMI 1.4 leads.

This means they will be adding a 'Top/Bottom' 3D format to the spec list. By doing this, the spec can be updated when a format decision has been made.

Different 3D

HDMI 1.4 will be able to pipe a number of different 3D specifications to TVs – including 'frame alternative', 'line alternative' and 'field alternative' methods, 'Side by side' methods (full and half) and '2D plus depth' method.

It will also support 4k resolution, extend the colour spectrum and may even make you a coffee if it's feeling nice.

CES 2010 will play host to a number of devices compatible with the format. As always TechRadar will be there to bring you all of the coverage.

Via Electronista


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