Soft keys and 3D Touch tipped for the Samsung Galaxy S8

These rumors are picking up pace

As 2016 draws to a close we're hearing all kinds of different rumors about what's in store for the Samsung Galaxy S8, expected to be with us anytime between February and April 2017.

Here's one more to add to the pile: Android Police's David Ruddock has heard Samsung's next flagship will ditch the hardware navigation keys and opt for soft keys instead. What's more they'll add iPhone-style 3D Touch features.

Apparently inside sources are saying that the soft keys could be customizable too - which will let you choose what you want the buttons to do, if you're not happy with the usual back-home-overview setup.

Softly soft key

Ruddock admits the tip should be taken with a grain of salt - so there's hope yet for fans of physical hardware buttons - but it seems likely that Samsung will eventually get around to mimicking Apple's pressure-sensitive screen tech.

As for soft keys, they'll allow Samsung's engineers to reduce the size of the bezel, and increase the display size or shrink the physical size of the phone. Either option should make for a more aesthetically pleasing handset.

The fingerprint scanner will have to be moved somewhere else from its current position under the home button - unless Samsung has figured out how to incorporate it into the display - and the best bet is that it's going to go around the back.