Google developer shows how Android Wear could save your life

Android Wear is very close, set to debut with the LG G Watch, but so far we've not seen much of the wearable OS in action.

But Android Wear developer Timothy Jordan has whetted appetites further by showing off some examples of the Android Wear notifications we can expect to see adorning our wrists.

Perhaps most interesting is a slightly unnerving notification from a Nest smoke detector to inform the wearer that smoke is currently filling the office, with another to announce that the smoke is clearing some time after.

Nested on the wrist

We can also see how game and calendar notifications are going to look, as well as Android Wear's music controller.

"One of the coolest parts of Android Wear is how it extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices out of the box, without any need to update your app," said Jordan.

"If you have a notification-enabled app, those notifications will generally just work on your new wearable." Handy.

Via Android Central