Top 6 beach-safe underwater cameras

Which one is the ultimate beach accessory this year?

Panasonic lumix ft1

Panasonic Lumix FT1

At first sight, Panasonic's FT1 looks the nearest rival to Olympus' mighty Mju 8000. It's a similar size, weight and shape and is also waterproof, shockproof and operable down to -10 degrees.

Key points

  • Waterproof to 3m
  • Shockproof to 1.5m
  • Similar price, design and specs to the Mju 8000 but not as tough
  • 4.6x wide-angle zoom (28-128mm equivalent)
  • 1,280x720 HD Movie mode using either AVCHD or Motion JPEG formats
  • Proximity of Shutter Release and Zoom buttons could be a problem

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