Top 10 GoPro accessories

The GoPro's simplistic design and high quality photographic results have made it the action camera of choice for many extreme sports enthusiasts. It boasts one-click button operation and an ultra wide-angle lens that together make it easy to capture the action.

But what really sets it apart from its rivals is the huge array of mounts that enable your GoPro to go with you anywhere… Keep reading as we take a look at 10 of the best GoPro mount accessories available.

1. DJI Phantom


The Phantom quadcopter is a lightweight craft with a GoPro mount on its underbelly that cuts out the need to jump from a plane to get impressive aerial footage. Controlled remotely, the quadcopter takes a bit of practice to fly well, but the sophisticated technology at its heart helps to produce stable flight, whoever is at the controls, including beginners.

It even features a clever position-hold feature that utilizes the built-in GPS and autopilot to suspend the craft in a seemingly stationary fashion in the air. Couple this with the GoPro wireless app and you can monitor what you're going to film, at least for as long as the connection between camera and iPad holds out.

2. Fat Gecko Kaboom

Fat Gecko Kaboom

Essentially the Kaboom is a pole that can be either handheld or attached by a couple of sticky pads to a bike helmet (for example), enabling new and interesting shooting angles.

Constructed from five separate ultra lightweight carbon fiber sections, its length can be adjusted from 50.8cm up to 152.4cm, with a grip at one end and standard quarter-inch thread at the other. Everything else you need to attach your GoPro to the boom is also included.

Using just two of the sections and the sticky pads to attach to a full-face bike helmet, we found the additional weight is noticeable at first, but quickly forgotten, and it produces an excellent angle of view.

3. Fotodiox Pro GoTough Camera Tripod Adapter

GoTough Camera Tripod Adapter

The Fotodiox Pro Tripod adapter ($15) is a high quality tripod mount for GoPro that enables you to attach your camera to a standard photographic tripod. Despite there being a good selection of similar adapters out there, this GoTough version has the edge over much of the competition, with its all-metal construction.

Machined from high impact, lightweight aluminium and available in a selection of colored finishes, it feels far more durable and attractive than its plastic equivalents. This is a handy mount that would be a perfect partner for the Manfrotto Pixi.

4. K-edge Go Big Pro

Go Big Pro

This mount is beautifully designed and enables you to mount your GoPro directly to your bike's handle bar. Consisting of two pieces of machined metal that are secured in place by two Allen key bolts, the grip provided by these bolts holds the GoPro firmly with no chance of movement.

While there are plenty of bar mounts out there, including one from GoPro themselves, the K-Edge's Go Big Pro has been exceptionally well thought through. It doesn't just hold the camera on the bar, it also provides a short reach away from the bar so the camera is clear from the cables.

5. Jaws flex clamp

Jaws flex clamp

This flexible mount enables you to attach a GoPro quickly and easily to almost anything you can clamp. What sets the Jaws apart is that it clamps without the need for the usual bolts and sticky pads used with other mounts. Both the grip and flexible neck have a decent amount of resistance, so while they require a bit of strength to use, once attached or moved in to position they hold firm.

The clamp itself has a reach of between 0.6cm and 5cm so is easily attached to all manor of equipment, especially anything that is of an odd shape or another mount has yet to be designed. The flexible neck also makes positioning easy, making this one of the most versatile mounts available.