MacPhun Snapselect will help you find your best shots

It's that little nagging doubt that does it. Did your subject blink? Not sure – better take another. What an amazing view – so best get lots of shots just to be sure. School sports day? Better put the camera on continuous mode and keep shooting everything that happens, just in case you might miss something.

But what you get is folders full of near-identical images which you need to sort through later. That's a real chore, so you probably don't bother and just pick the first one you come to, even though there's maybe a better one buried in there somewhere.

So what Snapselect does is quite clever. It analyzes your photos for similarities, then groups them together so that you can compare them directly and 'star' the ones you want to keep and/or 'X' the ones you don't.

You can choose the accuracy of the grouping according to how close a match you're looking for – it goes from 'Lowest' through 'Low', 'Normal', 'High' and 'Highest'.

When you're happy you've picked the shots you want from a group, you hit the 'Resolve Group' button at the bottom and move on to the next.

At the end, you can delete the unwanted shots or, if that makes you twitchy, you can export copies of the best shots to a new folder.

iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom too

Snapselect doesn't just work with folders on your Mac – you can also open up iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom catalogs to sort through images you've already filed. It took a couple of minutes to open up and analyze a test collection of several hundred soccer shots from a Lightroom folder, though, so don't try to analyze your whole catalog at once.

There's also an option to group images by capture time, which can help restrict the grouping to shots you know were taken at the same time.

Snapselect is available on the App store at a special launch price of £10.49/US$14.99/AU$18.99, which expires at the end of December 2014. After that, it reverts to the full price of£15.59/US$224.99/AU$31.99.

Snapselect is only available on the Mac, and you can find out more at the MacPhun website.