Best accessories for your DSLR

Lenses and adaptors

Digital King Ultra Wide Conversion Lens 0.25x - £100 (about $156)

Essential camera accessories

This bargain ultra-wide angle 0.25x fisheye lens is designed to screw into the filter ring of a standard kit lens, creating a field of view nearing 180-degrees.

Don't expect flawless image quality though – sharpness is fairly good at the centre, but degrades to very soft-focused edges, which can also exhibit serious chromatic aberration. However, if you accept these characteristics (and ignore the colour fringing) this lens inspires creativity and is great fun to use.

Panasonic DMW-MA1 - £125/$110

Essential camera accessories

The Panasonic DMW-MA1 enables Micro Four Thirds cameras to accept Four Thirds lenses, and maintains support for both autofocus and metering. The various possible body and lens combinations mean, however, that there's a wide range of caveats and exceptions, all of which are detailed in full on Panasonic's website.

Both its build and design score highly, with two clearly defined lens attachment marks making it simple to set up on your camera. There's also a lens-release button on top of its own platform, as well as a metal mount at either end. There's a little play between the adaptor and the camera body on which it's mounted, but no more than when a regular lens is attached conventionally.

Once it's connected, it gently clicks to confirm its locked position, and it's easily dismounted when no longer required. Overall, this adaptor fulfills its purpose well, and its build should ensure that it lasts through years of use.

Peleng 17mm f/3.5 fisheye lens - £247 (about $385)

Essential camera accessories

Almost half the price of other big-name alternatives, this full-frame fisheye lens is basic, but its overall sharpness and control over chromatic aberrations do compensate.

Camera cases

Zing Neoprene Pro SLR Camera Cover - £35/$32

Essential camera accessories

It's all too easy to scratch and damage your camera's body. The neoprene Zing stretches to fit a variety of SLR bodies and lenses, offering good protection.

Accessory mount

Frio Universal Coldshoe Tripod Adapter - £15/$13

Essential camera accessories

The Frio enables accessories with a mounting foot – flashguns, LED panels and mics – to be secured onto stands or tripods, making it very useful for location work.

Sensor cleaning kit

Eyelead 5x Magnifying Glass - £22 (about $35)

Essential camera accessories

Eight bright LEDs surround a 5x magnification loupe, making this perfect for sensor cleaning, bringing even the smallest dust speck into view. It's also handy for checking print detail and so on.

Eyelead Sensor Cleaning Kit SCK-1 - £30 (about $47)

Essential camera accessories

This sticky pad on a wand removes dust from your sensor and deposits it on stickier capture strips. The process is easy to perform and leaves no adhesive residue behind.

VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 788 - £75/$80

Essential camera accessories

The Arctic Butterfly offers a safe way to remove pesky particles from your camera's sensor. This new model also has a light that makes it easier to see what you're doing. The battery powers a small motor that spins the brush, creating a static charge that removes dirt without causing damage. Its safety features make it suitable for cleaning ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated sensors and SLRs with built-in sensor-cleaning systems.

Boom arms

Velbon V4 Boom Arm - £69 (around $108)

Essential camera accessories

This tripod-mountable boom arm can tilt, swivel and extend itself twofold. Quality is excellent – even the plastic parts feel solid.