Windows Mobile 6.5 to launch in September?

Samsung Omnia II could be first phone to show off OS

The Samsung Omnia II, announced at the same time as the Samsung Jet at the recent Unpacked event, will apparently be the first phone running Windows Mobile 6.5.

We've been long expecting the next version of Windows Mobile to come around Q4 after its announcement at Mobile World Congress, but according to Microsoft Austria the new Samsung phone, along with the OS, will appear a month early.

Admittedly it will be at the end of September, but we're counting that as early, even if it's only days.


The press release says the A1 network (the Austrian mobile provider, not the London to Edinburgh road infrastructure) will be bringing the phone 'exclusively', although it's likely that means just exclusive in Austria, not Europe-wide.

There's speculation the Samsung Omnia II could debut in other regions, such as North America, in the next month, but should that be true it won't be coming with Windows Mobile 6.5 – just another boring upgrade like all the other recently released WinMo 6.1 phones.

Via Unwired View and Microsoft Austria


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