Sony Smartwatch 2 brings water-resistance and NFC to your wrist

Is this the first 'real' smartwatch?

What was foretold has come to pass: Sony has announced a new smartwatch today, packing water resistance and NFC into its Sony SmartWatch 2.

With the SmartWatch 2, Sony is attempting to sneak ahead of the Apple iWatch with what it describes as "a second screen for your Android phone" - a 1.6-inch high-ish resolution screen (220x176 pixels), that is.

This means that you'll get phone notifications, an app interface and the ability to control your phone from your wrist all in one neat little package.


You'll be able to handle calls, check maps, read emails (as long as you've previously downloaded them and have, let's face it, pretty solid eyesight) and control music playback through the SmartWatch 2.

You can even take photos through your phone with a dedicated smart camera app - next level selfies coming to an Instagram account near you soon.

Although it's a Sony product, you'll be able to use the SmartWatch 2 with "most" Android tablets and smartphones, not just the Xperia line-up. There'll be interchangeable 24mm wristbands to choose between and the whole shebang is dust- and water-resistant.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 release date is set for September 2013, although we've had no word yet on price.

Also announced today was Sony's insanely huge phablet, the 6.4-inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra.


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