Rumours quashed over Palm Pre uncertainty

But some new Palm phones will be delayed

There have been a raft of rumours swirling around the Palm camp since the Chinese paper Commercial Times stated that new Palm smartphones would be delayed, but it appears Palm's new Pre isn't one of them.

The news from the Chinese title was that Compal, a handset assembly firm, was going to have to delay shipments of Palm smartphones until the end of the year as the chipsets from Qualcomm were due to be upgraded, and the company thought it best to wait for the new versions.

The actual quote read: "Shipments of Palm's two smartphones will be delayed as Compal is waiting for Qualcomm's new chipset solutions that will enable better performance." No mention of the Pre, but you know how the rumour mill can get...

Story flaws

But the possible delay has been cleared up as a number of media outlets have pointed out the flaws in the story.

Number one: The Palm Pre is being assembled by Chi Mei in Taiwan, not Compal.

Number two: The Palm Pre's processor is likely to be made by Texas Instruments, not Qualcomm.

Number three: The delayed handsets are said to be using Windows Mobile, not the Pre's fancy-pants webOS platform.

So everyone can sit down and wipe the sweat off their collective brows and wait patiently until the Palm is finally in their hands.

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