Nokia Champagne codename shows up, promises Tango

Next gen Windows Phone on its way?

A new Nokia codename has shown up in the I'm a WP7! app, in the form of the Nokia Champagne.

It first showed up in the Windows Phone community app on 25 October – meaning that someone accessed I'm a WP7 from the Nokia Champagne on that day.

WPCentral has also got its hands on a juicy bit of OS info, in that the Champagne is set to come running OS 7.10.8711 – also known as the next build of Windows Phone 7, codenamed Tango.


It's possible that the Nokia Champagne is simply a territory- or network-specific version of the Nokia Lumia 800, but it seems more likely to be a new handset with the next-gen software on board.

We don't expect Nokia to launch any new Windows Phone handsets this side of Christmas – so will we see the company popping the Nokia Champagne cork at CES 2012 in January?

If not, there's always Mobile World Congress 2012 to look forward to in February…


From WP Central



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