Is this the Nokia Normandy Android phone we've been hearing about?

A cheeky little leak

Will it? Won't it? We simply don't know if Nokia has plans to launch its own Android smartphone, with rumors suggesting either outcome is possible - but a fresh leak has given the "it will" camp a little more fire power.

The regular (and normally accurate) @evleaks is at the centre of things again, posting an image which appears to resemble the Nokia Asha 503 - but with three rather different screens.

A simple message accompanied the tweeted picture, reading "Android on Nokia ( -virtual buttons)" - hardly giving much away, but the sentiment is clear.

Wait a minute

After closer inspection of the image we're a little dubious about its authenticity - there's some artifacting between the display and the handset's body, while the icons in the notification bar look a little too close to the top of the screen.

What are we saying? Well these are warning flags for a Photoshop job, leading us to believe that these aren't official press shots nabbed from Nokia of its rumored "Normandy" Android handset.

That's not to say the screenshots themselves are not real - @evleaks has a strong track record of being on the money, so we're still taking the leak pretty seriously.

If Nokia does finally go to market with an Android device it looks set to sport a modified user interface - oh, and those lockscreen widget notifications look cool.



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