iPhone Video spotted and snapped in the wild

AT&T seems to have made a major slip

The next version of the iPhone, the one we're expecting on 8 June, could very well be called the iPhone Video if a recent leak from AT&T is to be believed.

An eagle-eyed snapper, rumoured to be working for AT&T, has shown pictures of a drop down menu of all the iPhones on offer at the moment, with the iPhone Video featuring prominently.

As well as a picture of the iPhone, which looks like the matte black option we've been hearing rumours of, there's also a section on how to use video conferencing with iChat.

More memory

The highly feasible rumours over the new iPhone mostly centre around the addition of video calling and recording, as well as improved capacity as well.

And that rumour has been given even greater weight after a 32GB iPhone was snapped in The Carphone Warehouse inventory lists.

It has the new phone listed as the 'Apple iPhone 32GbV3 Black, as well as two 16GbV3 versions, so it seems pretty likely we'll be seeing a few flavours of the new iPhone and consequent different price points as well.

Of course, images like those being hinted at here are super-easy to fake, so it's hardly like someone has gained official confirmation from Jobs himself, but with the launch so close we'll take whatever info we can get.

Via Apple Insider and The Next Web


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