HTC Desire vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S

Our top three smartphones face off


We like what we're seeing here: three smartphones that really offer a shedload of hardware for your cash.

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

The iPhone 4 and HTC Desire are very closely matched at the head of the field, with the Samsung Galaxy S not too far behind either.

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

It almost comes down to preference – are you a lover of the open Android approach, or do you prefer the controlled-but-app-filled Apple existence?

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

Thanks to the reception problem, the HTC Desire still represents the best all-round device in our opinion – Apple's free case solution is a great step, but it doesn't alter the fact that the phone hardware still has the problem.

HTC desire vs iphone 4 vs samsung galaxy s

So well done to the HTC Desire – despite being the oldest on test, it's still the top smartphone in our eyes... and if something beats it in the next few months, we're looking forward to seeing that.

Winner: HTC Desire


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