Google puts price on Motorola patents

And it's not a much as you may have thought

Google has revealed how much it spent on patents and "developed technology" in its buyout of Motorola Mobility, and it's not as much as you may think.

The search giant has revealed that $5.5billion (around £3.5 billion) of its $12.4 billion (around £8 billion) takeover of the mobile manufacturer went towards acquiring Motorola's vast catalogue of over 17,000 patents.

This means Google spent 44 percent of its cash on the patents, an acquisition which was seen by many as the main reason for the takeover, so it's a little surprising that less than half the money was spent on these.

Bargain of the century?

At several billion pounds they have by no means come cheap, but they do allow Google to strengthen its arsenal as Apple continues to take action around the world against firms it claims has infringed on its patents.

With this in mind, Google may well have got itself the bargain of the century, as in the long run it could see the search giant being able to protect itself and its Android platform against the continuous onslaught from its Cupertino-based rival.

Alongside these figures Google said: "The acquisition is expected to protect and advance our Android ecosystem and enhance competition in mobile computing."

From Bloomberg



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