Check out iTunes from your internet browser

Apple lets you actually look at track listings

iTunes has taken a bold step outside the comfortable world of the PC and Mac program, by unveiling iTunes Preview for web browsers.

Now if you want to find out if there's a song in the massive Apple catalogue, you don't have to fire up the iTunes software, just follow the links from the Apple home page.

Or, if you're feeling all social and network-y, send a link to your friends from within the program itself, choosing the 'Copy Link' option from the iTunes store.

Apps and that

But unsurprisingly, there's no link to listen to a preview of the song from the website itself, with a good old redirect to... you guessed it, iTunes.

But the good thing is it's not limited to music, as you can also look for apps and videos direct from the site - handy if you can't find your iPhone or it's out of signal.

Of course, the more we talk about it, the more sense it makes to just open up iTunes to locate the song we probably want to buy, and would therefore have to navigate there anyway.

But still, it's always nice to have options, isn't it?

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