Acer considering Intel-powered smartphone

Planning to join the revolution

Acer may be planning an Intel-powered smartphone as it aims to join the growing number of other manufacturers that have already dabbled with firm.

The Taipei Times and China Post quoted Acer's vice president Peter Shieh saying the company was planning on producing a smartphone with Intel inside before the end of the year.

Shieh did not provide any further details on Acer's plan with Intel, but a company official told the China Post: "Intel is a more familiar partner to us because we have been working together in the PC sector for a long time."


It's no great surprise that a firm with its roots in computing would talk to one of its key suppliers about potentially using its technology in other devices, so even if an Acer-Intel phone doesn't appear this year, the chance of one arriving in 2013 is pretty high.

Acer would be the sixth manufacturer to stick one of Intel's Atom processors inside a smartphone, with the likes of the Orange San Diego, Motorola Razr i and Lenovo K800 already leading the way.

We've contacted Acer in a bid to find out more information and we'll update this article once we hear back.

From Taipei Times and China Post


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