Pointless survey: Brits use camera-phones

Two thirds of us mobile-snap...shocking

Apparently 67 per cent of us are using our mobile phones to capture snaps while on the go in a recent survey by network 3 that might take the title of 'most obvious this year'.

While we at TechRadar don't usually publish such obvious facts, the report contains a small comedy a-bomb that we just HAVE to share: 3 are calling such people Mo-Phos or Mobile Photographers.


Poll stats

So, here it is: according to the poll of just over 2,000 people earlier this year, 45 per cent of Mo-Phos are using our phones to capture 'quirky and interesting sights while on the go'.

However only three per cent of Mo-Phos (we'll never get bored of this name) use their cameras of choice to take holiday snaps, and just four per cent use them for wedding photography.

3 has even published a small history documenting the rise of the Mo-Pho:

1826 – First ever permanent photograph

1885 – Photographic film

1888 – First camera on sale, the Kodak

1900 – The Brownie, first snapshot camera

1948 – The Polaroid

1990 – First commercially available digital camera

1997 – Birth of instant visual communications (sending digital camera pictures over the internet)

2002 – First commercially available phone camera

2008 – The Mo-Pho phenomenon

Who cares about the obvious survey...let's all get behind the phrase Mo-Phos!


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