Nokia leaks news of BlackBerry competitor

Half QWERTY in a flip phone... Nokia, you crazy bunch

Nokia has leaked information on a phone codenamed Wahoo, and anticipates it will be a market leader in the half QWERTY flip phone market. Which has very few handsets in it.

Apart from the BlackBerry Kickstart/Pearl Flip, there really aren't any other phones in this category, and it represents something of a departure for Nokia in terms of business design.

It has two displays, one internal and one external, and sports 3G connectivity, a 2.2-inch internal screen and a 2MP snapper for those 'business' shots.

Business or fashion?

Its thin form factor is sure to delight the fashion/business crossover, although doubts are still circling within the industry over Nokia's efforts to try to topple RIM.

But, with a maximum 4GB storage through microSD to complement the 80MB already on board, as well as dedicated external music keys and a variety of supported file formats, at least the media aspect isn't being ignored.

Nothing is concrete on this handset yet in terms of price and a release date, but it's nice to see Nokia isn't becoming boring through these economically unstable times.



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