Google Talk available for the iPhone

Apple's iPhone and iPod touch get the instant message service

Through its blog, Google has announced that a new version of Google Talk is available for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

To receive the service, users simply need to point their mobile browsers to, sign in and then away they go.

Currently, the application is only available through the Safari browser, which is good because that's the default browser for Apple products, and the best part of it is that you don't actually have to download anything as it's all done in the browser.


The blog does go on to say that there are a few differences between the mobile version of Google Talk and the full computer program. These include the fact that if you use another browser window or application, your status will change to "unavailable".

Design-wise, though, those familiar already with Google Talk will instantly recognise the mobile version as they are near-identical.


In other Google news, the company has announced a version of its Google Maps application for the BlackBerry Pearl.

The new app handles voice-recognition, which means that you can now shout orders into your Pearl like an idiot and get some sort of response.

Unfortunately (or should we say fortunately?) the voice-activation app is only available in the US. The Google Talk service, however, is available both in Europe and the US.



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