iPhone X colors: here's every shade the new iPhone comes in

The newly launched iPhone X is one of the first phones from Apple to come with a glass back, and while it sports a brand new design and extra features like Face ID and wireless charging, the color choices are rather limited.

There's no red version, no rose gold and no Jet Black variant.

Below we talk you through each of the colors you can buy the iPhone X in but be warned it's a very limited choice, especially considering you can currently buy the iPhone 7 in five colors.


The first color for the new iPhone X is black, but this isn't the Jet Black look we saw on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As it has a glass back, it's a very different look to what we've seen on previous Apple handsets and if you're looking for a darker iPhone this is your only choice.


Apple is calling the shade you can see in the photo above Silver. In that press shot it looks more like a white version of the iPhone X, but it may be a bit of camera trickery in the render of the new phone.