Spotify overhauls radio player with new recommendations engine

Not just about apps

Spotify has given its radio player a lick of paint and some cool new functionality to round off a year of marked improvements to its service.

It's been made "bigger, smarter and altogether cooler", according to Spotify itself, and brings new features that tread on the toes of the app – like building 'radio stations' based on a single track, artist or genre.

You can create as many of these stations as you like and skip any tracks that don't take your fancy. When you first open the new radio app, Spotify gets you started with a radio station automatically built around your most played song.

Spotify radio

Clever girl

"We've put some seriously clever kit under the hood of Spotify Radio to give you the best music discovery experience possible," says Spotify of its new intelligent recommendation engine.

As well as the overhauled radio player (which was sorely in need of some love and attention), Spotify launched Spotify Apps in late November, bringing third-party music services into the Spotify fold.

The new radio service will begin rolling out alongside Spotify Apps in the next few days.


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