Sophos warns of Twitter phishing attack

Twitter gets tw*tted

Twitter hit by yet another phishing attack this week

Sophos' Graham Cluley has warned Twitter users of a recent phishing attack on the microblogging service.

Messages asking "This you????" followed by a link are being sent via the system to unsuspecting users.

If you click on the link you are then taken to a fake Twitter login page, where hackers are just waiting for you to pop in your username and password.

You can check out this YouTube video for a demonstration how this phishing attack works:

Take care with passwords

Cluley warns: "It's bad enough if hackers gain control of your Twitter account, but if you also use that same password on other websites (and our research shows that 33% of people do that all of the time) then they could access your Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, eBay, Paypal, and so forth."

"So, be cautious about the links you click on, choose a strong password, and - if you have found that you're spreading suspicious messages from your Twitter account or believe that you have been compromised - change your passwords immediately.

"You should also check your Twitter account and check the Settings/Connections screen. If there are any third-party applications you don't recognise listed there, revoke their permission to access your account."

Via Graham Cluley's blog (Sophos)

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