Ballmer makes TIME influential list

Ebullient Microsoft CEO in top 100

Microsoft’s ebullient CEO Steve Ballmer has been included in TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people list.

The larger-than-life Microsoft man has become an increasingly influential figure at the Redmond company since Bill Gates announced that he will step down in June this year.

Ballmer’s on-stage antics – a famous monkey dance, throwing a MacBook Air to the ground and fairly regular bursts of screaming enthusiasm – have made him a cult figure within Microsoft.

Chief warrior

But it is business acumen that has planted him firmly among in the esteemed company of TIME’s list.

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"He is actually Microsoft's combative, take-no-prisoners chief warrior," says Guy Kawasaki – the former Apple evangelist who wrote the  TIME profile.

“If you want 95% of the wallets of every market that you're in, then you want this Steve. If you want 95% of the mind share of every market that you're in, then you need the other Steve (Jobs).”