Most internet users spend under £7 a month on content

On downloads and streaming

Vast majority of internet users spend under 10 a month on content

A new report detailing US consumers online buying habits indicates that, whilst the markets for downloading apps, music, games and other content is growing, most consumers spend less than $10 (£6.46) a month on downloads.

Reassuringly, for businesses selling content online, 65 per cent of US consumers regularly pay to access or download content online. It's just a shame that they don't pay more!

Pew Research report

The Pew Research Center report, released Thursday this week, confirms that the typical user pays between $1 to $10 per month for downloads or online streaming services

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Nearly half of those in the survey pay for either smartphone apps or music downloads.

18 per cent pay for a digital newspaper or magazine, although only 11 per cent had paid for premium content when they were able to access a paper or magazine's website for free.

10 per cent of those in the survey had paid to download e-books, while only 2 per cent admitted to having paid for online porn.

A minority of heavy downloaders means that the average monthly payment for online content is $47 (£30.37)