69 new locations get BT super-fast broadband

Telco rolling out more fibre optic cables to the masses

BT has announced that it has accelerated its super-fast broadband plans, with a number of new locations to get speedy web access in 2010.

According to the telco, 1.5 million homes are set to get access to fibre-optic broadband by the summer of 2010 – with a million of these to get switched on by March next year.

This will put BT on track to bring high-speed web access to 40 per cent of homes in the UK by 2012.

Tremendous response

"Fibre is the future and so we're speeding up the pace of our plans. We had aimed to get fibre to half a million homes by next March but we're now being far more ambitious," explained Steve Robertson, CEO of Openreach.

"We've received a tremendous response to date and so we're keen to get on with the job.

"BT has invested billions in creating Broadband Britain yet it has done so whilst offering others equal access to its network – demonstrating once again that competition doesn't have to be a barrier to investment."

In all, 69 locations are earmarked for the upgrade – stretching from Bristol in the South West to Edinburgh in Scotland.

To view the whole list, point your browser to www.BT.com and click on the News section of the website.


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