Microsoft Kinect doesn't connect with messy gamers

Demands that your room be tidy

Microsoft's Kinect console looks to be the Mrs Bucket of the games world, with the revelation that it may not work perfectly in an untidy room.

According to a developer diary posted on YouTube by Inside Xbox the Kinect device needs to survey the area you are going to jump up and down in, and if this area is filled with clothes and other such unmentionables it may not be able to precisely detect your movement.

Keep it clean

In the video the Kinect sensor is seen automatically checking out the area (well, it moves up and down) like your mum used to do when she entered your room, scanning for mess and a reason to shout at you for being a teenage waster.

"Clean up and move things out of the way," is Microsoft's response to this. We wonder if the PlayStation move is such a cleanliness snob?

To be fair, it does make sense that other objects in the way will mess with the motion sensing, but this is the first time we have heard it from Microsoft that you have to keep the area completely clean.

Microsoft Kinect has a UK release date of 10 November, which should give you enough time to pick your pants from off the floor.

Watch the video below and heed the cleanliness remark at 1.30 mins.

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