Download of the day: ClipGrab

Get videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and MetaCafe


We’d have loved to have been flies on the wall when Clipgrab’s name was decided. “Right guys, we need a name for this product!” “What does it do?” “It grabs clips from the internet!” The room falls silent. After a while, one senior executive raises her hand. “How about Borange?” 

Thankfully sanity prevailed, and they called it ClipGrab instead. It’s a great app for downloading (or as some might say, grabbing) video files (or as some might say, clips) from the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and MetaCafe.

Of course, you should only grab clips if you have the copyright holder's permission.

Why you need it

Downloading video isn’t always simple, and it’s often in a format that won’t work with the app or device you want to view it on. And of course, you can only stream video when you’ve got a reliable internet connection, which isn’t always the case if you’re on the move a lot or just have rubbish Wi-Fi.

ClipGrab solves all of those problems, enabling you not only to download video but to convert to formats including MP3, MP4, OGG Theora, and WMV. It auto-detects any video URL you copy to the clipboard, and it also has an integrated search so you can find the right clips from right inside the app.

Download here: ClipGrab

The best free screen recorder 2016

For making software tutorials, podcasts or let's play videos of your favorite games, you need a good quality screen recorder. Simple recorders simply capture what's happening on your monitor, but more advanced software enables you to add captions, edit clips, and include narration. These are the best screen recorders you can download today.

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1. CamStudio

An open source app more flexible than most paid-for tools, CamStudio lets you adjust the video quality and capture the entire screen or just part of it. It also offers picture-in-picture video and anti-aliased captions.


FRAPS is the screen recorder of choice for many gamers, and include benchmarking tools so you can track the performance of your PC as you play.

3. Bandicam

Another screen recorder designed for gamers Bandicam includes hardware acceleration and an overlay showing frames per second.