Gigabyte to use Cavium for its ARM-based server platforms

Down in the Thunder(X)dome

Cavium ThunderX

Gigabyte has announced its intention to produce a new series of servers based on Cavium's just announced ThunderX 64-bit ARM-based server chip.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is a long term strategic partner of Intel and it is interesting to see that big OEMs are warming up to ARMv8 in the server market.

Gigabyte said that the new platforms would range from a 1U to a 6U form factor. The former will be available as a microATX motherboard with "multiple PCIe Gen3 and SATA connectors" as well as Ethernet and USB ports.

Cavium's ThunderX family of processors offers between 8 and 16 cores in single socket configuration while the top of the range model has 48 cores, 16MB L2 cache and clock at up to 2.5GHz

The latter is likely to be used in Gigabyte's 2U high density rack server platform which offers up to 8 sockets (potentially 384 ARM cores), up to 48TB of storage (through 24 2TB HDD) and 80GB of external bandwidth.

Gigabyte hasn't revealed when this partnership will deliver its first products.

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