Windows 7 Party Pack: the UK unboxing

What goodies has Microsoft bestowed on us for the party?

Our Party Pack has arrived from Microsoft ahead of our big Windows 7 party - but what goodies will we get to make sure we fully explain an OS through the medium of a shindig?

The party pack itself comes in a laptop-shaped box - we're glad we knew this was coming otherwise the result would have been a really big let down.

Windows 7 box

The contents are just as we thought - the opportunity to have one of the most confusingly-themed parties in the world.

Inside are two copies of Windows 7 (for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers), napkins, playing cards, a jigsaw puzzle, a weird fold out card thing and an explanation letter, along with ten Windows 7 Tote bags.

Oh, and a folded poster - we all know how amazing they look when stuck up on the wall. People are going to flip out when they see that the second they walk through our Windows 7 Party Door.

Microsoft windows 7 party pack

The two copies of Windows 7 initially filled us with joy - had Microsoft made a mistake, giving us too many copies? - but no - it's just two versions for 32-bit or 64-bit systems. Worse still - there's only one activation code between them, so our netbook is going to stay plodding along on boring old XP.

Microsoft windows 7 party pack

We're not entirely sure how this party is supposed to go, but we're getting an idea: 1. Show off Windows 7. But what about after that?

Well, here's the answer: a communal jigsaw puzzle competition, the chance to play snap with uniquely designed Windows 7 cards and then some cake on Windows 7 napkins. (What, we have to actually bake a cake for this party? We wonder how people will feel about Apple cake... hmmm.)

Microsoft windows 7 party pack

And as we all know - no party is a real party unless people get their own bag filled to the brim with goodies to take away with them. The contents of ours will be: a Windows 7 napkin, 17 playing cards, a portion of jigsaw puzzle and some Apple cake.

And one lucky winner will get a special surprise - a Windows 7 poster!

Windows 7 party pack

If you're wondering how much all of this cost - don't worry, as there was a commercial invoice attached. Apparently the whole thing didn't set Microsoft back any more than a shade over $7 - £4.50 - and the bags cost more than both the Windows 7 CDs. That's a weight off our mind.

Windows 7 party pack cost

We'll be hosting our special Windows 7 party later this month - check back to see the hilarity (and education - fun can be smart too) that ensues.


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