Logitech targets women with colourful mice

Because black and silver are obviously only for men

Logitech appealing to women and men who like colours

Logitech is trying to lure in the more discerning punter, i.e. women, with a range of mice in pretty colours and patterns,

The V220 notebook mouse is now being released in a range of hues, and the odd pattern, as the peripherals giant seeks to extend from the more traditional black or silver.

"When I joined Logitech, I thought that our mouse line-up was great, but I noticed that they were mainly black or silver in colour," explained Logitech's Delphine Donne-Crock.

Just for men

"These colours seemed, in general, to be aimed more at men than at women, so I set about adding colours to the line-up," she added.

There's no word on a UK launch as yet, but the US will be getting the stripey, swirly and colourful varieties from right now for $29.99.

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