SanDisk ramps up data transfer

New memory cards offer 30 mbps read and write speed

SanDisk just love to keep pushing the memory stick boat, especially when it comes to long product names, so say hello to the SanDisk Extreme® III Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo.

The card range, which comes in 4GB and 8GB flavours, is designed for the advanced amateur and professional photographer (though if I was an advanced amateur I’d consider myself a professional-in-waiting).

Do it quick, do it write

The main draw is the high-speed read and write times of 30 megabytes per second, so transferring data can be undertaken just that little bit quicker.

The cards also function between -25 and 85 degrees Celsius - thus ruling out some possibilities for the ‘advanced amateur’, unless he regularly takes penguin photos in the Arctic Circle.

Of more interesting note is the addition of RescuePRO, which allows users to recover accidentally deleted snaps - we’ve all done it.

Available worldwide from June, the cards will cost around £45 for the 4GB and £75 for the 8GB.


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