Best circular polarizer filter: 5 top models tested and rated

Best circular polarizer filter: 03 Cokin P164 Circular polarizer

Best circular polarizer filter 03 Cokin P164 Circular polarizer

Price: £72 (up to 82mm)
Cokin filters are very popular with enthusiasts and semi-pros worldwide as they're well-made and affordable.

They're manufactured from CR-39 organic glass, so are lightweight, highly resistant to shocks, and offer good optical transmission and realistic colors.

The pros and cons of Cokin filters are that you'll need the filter holder (extra £12) and filter adaptor rings (another £12 each).

But, if you've the adaptor rings to fit the holder to your lens, this polarizer will work on different sized lenses. Image results were a little erratic and it took careful adjustment to get the best out of this polarizer.

To use this Cokin system you screw an adaptor ring to the end of your lens, slot the filter holder onto that until it snaps in place, then slide in the circular polarizer.

It's a little fiddly, but once in place, rather than rotating the outer ring of the filter to adjust the intensity of the effect, you simply turn the filter holder with the polarizer inside.

A plus point is that you can slot up to three filters (polarizer plus ND and ND grad, for instance) in the holder at once for combined effects.

We used the P-Series filter system for lenses up to 82mm in diameter, and ideal for focal lengths from 28mm onwards (18mm on APS-C cameras).


Pros: Can be used on multiple lenses and combined with two other filters on the same holder
Cons: Bit fiddly; image results could be erratic; costly for whole filter system

Score: 76%

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