Siri makes his/her way back onto the iPhone 5, and comes imbued with ever-greater powers too.

It's also massively improved in terms of speech recognition, even picking out our mumbly tones in order to set reminders, find out what the football scores are or let us know what movies are showing nearby.

There was a lot that the iPhone 4S version of Siri couldn't do in Australia, and that's all been rectified here.

You still can't book a restaurant through the power of your voice, but you can at least learn which ones are near you. Siri did think KFC was a fish and chip shop though....LOL WRONG OMFG whatever.

iPhone 5 review

For the full run down on what Siri can now do, head on over to the Apple site - but the football scores, movies, app launching (and any app) are all excellent features that make using the phone in a car a real treat.

We'd say that Siri is a well thought out upgrade that means we'll now use it for around four things once in a while rather than just setting a timer to remind us when to stir the pasta.


Ah, now... here we go. We're sure a number of you have headed straight to this section in order to find out what Apple has been up to with iOS Maps.

Well, in a nutshell, Apple and Google decided that Google Maps wasn't going to be the main way of getting around on the iPhone, so Apple bought its own little company and teamed with TomTom to allow turn by turn directions, 3D flyover modes and the ability to see more attractions near you at any time.

iPhone 5 review

At least, that was the theory.

In practice, the internet sport of spotting mistakes on the new Maps app has grown in an amazingly quick time, simply because there are so many glitches in the software.

iPhone 5 review

You'll have probably heard about the publicised ones (Misplacing Brisbane, melting the Luna Park clown's face off) but there are more serious issues we have to deal with.

For instance, there's no public transport on offer here, meaning you'll have to download a separate app to get on board a train at the right time or work out whether taking the bus is faster from where you are.

That's something Google Maps on Android does very well indeed, and means we want to berate Apple already for not having perfected its app before launch.

But we found a real time fault when using the iPhone 5 to navigate around town. We asked for directions to Paddington Station, and were told to go to Australia while standing in the middle of London.

It's not hard to type in 'London Paddington' instead, but what it did was remove trust in the app to take us to the right places when asked.

This is a major failing for such a service, and Apple has asked for 'patience' as it perfects the art of mapping, with crowd-sourcing helping to iron out these glitches. It's not as big a deal as some news outlets are making out, but if you're a company that lives and dies by consumer hype, then you need to aim for near-perfection before launch if you want to avoid this kind of thing.

iPhone 5 review

We tested this extensively over the last two weeks, and while it was still mostly correct, there were too many errors for us to enjoy it. For instance, when looking for a restaurant we needed to meet people at, in a side by side test with the Samsung Galaxy S3, the two phones said it was at opposite ends of a very long street.

Thankfully we trusted Google Maps, and were rewarded with a shorter journey as iOS Maps was many many metres out.

We've no doubt that the problems will quickly and quietly get solved on the server side of things – in the same way iPhone 4's suddenly stopped having antenna issues – but it's not the greatest way to launch a new pivotal app.

But let's not be all about the problems - the navigational side of things is actually very good.

Siri's voice is clear, there are always a number of routes suggested, and it will even run on the lock screen with the phone lighting up when you're coming close to your next turn.

The app is bright, colourful and has loads of shops and restaurants listed throughout the world - it's just a shame many of those shops are now shut down or in the wrong place, so Apple needs to update its database pronto if it's to make Maps into the awesome app it could be.

The other upside of Apple's Maps strategy is that it finally pushed Google to release an amazing update to Google Maps. It may have taken months to hit the App Store, but Google Maps on the iPhone is now spectacular