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What's inside our TechLife October 2015 issue?

TechLife October 2015

Create the ultimate Wi-Fi network for your home with this month's TechLife!

In our big networking superguide, you'll find reviews of the hottest wireless gear, including zippy new routers, Wi-Fi extenders and powerline gear. There's also detailed networking tutorials, covering everything from getting set up to optimising speed and eliminating blackspots.

Plus, we've also put together a huge Windows 10 quickstart guide that will get you up and running with the new features in next to no time.

That's along with our usual selection of the latest news, how-tos and reviews - all in the October issue of TechLife!

As always, there's our exclusive software downloads for magazine readers, and our essential tutorial files so you can work along with us at home.

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Grab your copy from newsagents from 6th August 2015 or download the digital edition or subscribe online from:

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