Polestar's electrifying new Concept BST teases a move into racier EVs

Polestar Concept BST
(Image credit: Polestar)

Polestar is displaying all of its most recent concepts and upcoming models at the UK's Goodwood Festival of Speed this year, but has decided to pay particular attention to its 6 roadster, pushing the model to the limits with a surprise Concept BST version.

Based on its gorgeous drop-top 2+2, which itself was shown in concept form at Goodwood back in 2021, the Concept BST takes things one step further and adds a removable hard top roof, aggressive air vents in the bonnet, a lower and larger front splitter, as well as wider wheel arches and an altogether angrier stance.

Essentially, the Concept BST is a glimpse at what life would look like if the Swedish electric carmaker ever decides to go racing… or fancies selling a limited run of hardcore Polestar 6 models that are as happy on the track as they cruising the streets.

Polestar Concept BST

(Image credit: Polestar)

The Swedish firm has remained tight-lipped about powertrain specifics, but it is more than likely to use the same 875bhp, dual-motor, all-wheel-drive set-up as the 6 upon which it is based. 

That vehicle, of which only 500 concepts have been slated for production and all sold out (despite the $200,000 price tag), had target performance figures of a 155mph top speed, a 0-60mph sprint of just 3.1 seconds and a 370+ mile range.

What’s more, its 800V electric architecture means it can chug juice from the world’s fastest chargers.

Polestar gathers pace

Polestar Concept BST

(Image credit: Polestar)

The Polestar 2 has been a success for the relatively young Swedish brand, boasting genre-bending looks and class-leading performance. But it has taken a while for that model to be joined by further electric offerings, something customers have been craving and those at the top of the business have demanded.

Following several delays and false starts, Polestar offered the 4, which made headlines for doing away with a rear windscreen, as well as the more conventional large SUV in the form of Polestar 3. 

There's also a Polestar 5 Prototype in the works, which hinted at ten-minute charging times thanks to sporting the next generation of battery technology.

But with its jaw-dropping good looks and unhinged performance figures, the Polestar 6 concept is arguably the most exotic vehicle to roll out of its design studios – it’s just a shame we have to wait until 2026 for some sort of production version.

The Concept BST is likely to be an even rarer beast, and while it is great to see Polestar flexing its design and EV technology muscle, we can't help thinking it needs to hurry up and get these cars in showrooms.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Volvo would stop funding the electric vehicle spin-off, selling its shareholding to parent company Geely.

Delays in key new models were cited as one of the reasons Volvo's share price halved in 2023, thanks in part of Polestar's losses, according to The Financial Times.

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