LG 55LX9900
This is LG's best looking set to date, incorporating Full LED backlighting into a 3cm frame

LG 55lx9900 angle

It's amazing the 55LX9900 produces any audio at all, given how slim it is. Especially as volume is able to go respectably loud without distorting or causing unwanted cabinet vibrations.

But while the mid-range is at least open enough to handle voices creditably and not sound muddy during action scenes, there's very little happening at the bass or treble extremities.

This is a tough one to call. For while £3,700 is clearly a huge amount to spend on a TV, the 55LX9900 certainly doesn't skimp on the features, innovations, design sleekness or performance quality and, of course, it's absolutely enormous.

While the 55LX9900 is a truly stellar TV in most ways, though, the 3D crosstalk issue represents quite a significant flaw given the prominence of 3D on the set's specification.