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Google Glass update sees its way to a web browser, new voice commands

You could be reading this very news post via Google Glass today, as Google's latest update for its Explorer Edition glasses includes a full-fledged web browser.

"This month we're powering up the voice experience, taking our first steps on the web and helping you communicate better with the people you care about," wrote the company on Google+.

The official Project Glass post explained how to navigate a website after finding a page through its search engine and selecting "View website."

Scrolling is a matter of sliding your finger back and forth on the touchpad located on the part of Google Glass near one's temple. Zooming requires two fingers for multitouch expanding and contracting.

Likewise, looking around the page calls for two fingers down on the touchpad while moving your head to pan around. Clicking is handled by centering the screen and tapping the touchpad.

Google Glass voice commands, contacts

Seeing how Google Glass is supposed to be a revolutionary handsfree device, this month's update also adds convenient new voice commands.

"Let's say your friend texts you. You can now say 'OK Glass, read aloud' to hear it and answer with 'OK Glass, reply,'" explained Project Glass.

"Mom calling? Just say 'OK Glass, answer call.' Boyfriend away on business? Send that selfie straight away with 'OK Glass, share with Felix.'"

Sending messages should be easier too thanks to Gmail contacts integration.

"Now you can tap to send a message or make a phone call to any of your Gmail 'My contacts.'

"When you tap on 'send a message to...' from the main menu, you swipe through your contacts' profile photos and tap to send a message."

Automatic update for Glass

Google Glass developers won't have to lift a finger to update their Explorer Edition glasses, either.

The company noted that the update is rolling out over the next couple days automatically.

This is the third Google Glass update in as many months. In June, Google improved the photo-taking ability of its camera, and in May the first Glass update added Google+ support.

With these monthly updates, Google Glass is giving developers and #ifihadglass winners a lot to explore, living up to the first iteration's Explorer Edition name.

Matt Swider

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