Google: OK, Glass, send invites to #ifihadglass winners

Invites for Google Glass will start making their way to lucky #ifihadglass applicants soon, the search engine giant announced today.

"Over the next few weeks, we'll be slowly rolling out invitations to successful #ifihadglass applicants," shared Project Glass in a Google+ post today.

This second round of Explorer Edition glasses are going to people who asked for the wearable computer specs via Google+ and Twitter, stating what they would do if they had Glass.

"We were looking for bold, creative individuals to become our next wave of Explorers - and wow, did we get them," said the Google+ post.

Pain in the #idonthaveglass

These applicants will join owners of the first round of Google Glass, who signed up for the Explorer Program at last year's Google I/O conference.

That's good for the recipients willing to pony up the $1,500 it costs to buy the developer-only Google Glass specs, but today's news also means #ifihadglass applications are no longer being accepted.

"We're thrilled to be moving into the next phase of our Explorer Program and we hope to expand in the future," said Google.

"Unfortunately, we aren't taking any more applications right now."

Of course, seeing this #ifihadglass news in anything but a positive light would be seeing the Glass half empty. After all, Google Glass 2 may be around the corner.

Matt Swider