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SlingPlayer Mobile now for Windows Mobile 6

Slingbox owners can now watch TV from home anywhere on Windows Mobile 6.0 -powered mobile phones.

A new version of SlingPlayer Mobile software is now available for devices using the Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system, enabling users to stream TV from their home TV set-up and control channel switching via the internet. The SlingPlayer Mobile application enables users of Slingbox devices to watch TV wherever they are on a mobile device that's connected to the internet via a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Like the regular Slingbox application for PCs or Macs, SlingPlayer Mobile provides mobile users with remote control over a Slingbox device connected to a home TV set-up. Users of SlingPlayer Mobile can switch channels, control their home digital video recorder, and set up new recordings from their phone.

The new SlingPlayer Mobile software client can be used with any Windows Mobile 6.0 device, plus connected devices running on Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating systems. SlingPlayer Mobile can be downloaded from Sling Media's UK web site at , with a 30-day free trial for £19.99.