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iTunes Extras premieres on Apple TV, coming to iOS 8 later this year

iTunes Extras bonus features go HD and host an Apple TV premiere
Bonus Brad with iTunes Extras

Apple has launched a new version of iTunes which brings a revamp of its often-overlooked iTunes Extras features for digital movies.

With version 11.3, iTunes Extras brings free bonus features for HD movies, while also extending the functionality to purchased movies on the Apple TV platform.

iTunes Extras for HD movies brings behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, official galleries and concept art in full-frame HD.

There's also a new Scenes feature which makes it easy for viewers to "flip to your favourite movie moments."

Special editions

Best of all, Apple says in a promotional video for the tool, new videos and galleries will be added as they arrive.

So if users buy a movie when it comes out, they could see some bonus footage arrive in time as studios prepare special editions and the like.

With an expansion to Apple TV, that only leaves iOS as the only platform without access to iTunes Extras, though Apple has promised a roll out with iOS 8 in the fall.

It seems like Apple's attempts to completely usurp the DVD and Blu-ray disc is gaining momentum again after a few years in the shadows.

Via The Verge