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iTunes Store: buy song, get album discount

Apple may be about to offer discounts to users who buy single tracks and then go on to buy the full-length album associated with it

If you've bought a single track on Apple's iTunes Store, you may be able to get a discount if you then decide to purchase the full-length album.

At present, consumers who buy a single track or TV episode from the iTunes Store and later decide to buy the entire album or TV series in effect end up paying twice for the song or episode in question.

Many consumers have criticised Apple for effectively making it impractical to sample an album or series before committing to buying the whole thing.

But this may soon change, according to a report in the New York Times . The newspaper reports that Apple and other companies are in discussions with representatives from the music industry to change this.

According to the NYT article, the proposed change would create a timeframe within which consumers can get be refunded the cost of the song or programme they have already purchased when buying the whole album or TV series containing that track or episode.