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Free Travel Guides for iPod, iPhone and Mobile

You can get a free London travel guide for your iPod, iPhone or mobile

Mobile software developer Coolgorilla has just launched the London Travel Guide, a completely free city guide for your iPods, iPhone or mobile.

“It is by far the biggest project we have undertaken and packs a 400 page travel guide, hundreds of maps, pictures and some awesome video footage into the world’s first travel guide of this type,” MD of Coolgorilla, Roy Forsdick, told TechRadar earlier today.

“The guides are completely free of charge with London being the first of a number of cities we will be releasing this year.”

Money off via iPod

TechRadar likes the sound of the guide, mainly because it costs us nothing. The business model is to provide a constantly updated guide and to make money from local businesses wanting to promote their services via the guide.

“We are hoping to offer special promotions, money-off offers and that sort of thing,” Forsdick told us. He also suggested that this might be able to be done by sending bar codes to the user’s mobile device to allow them to claim promotions and deals.

Further free mobile guides to Paris, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are due to be released later this year. TechRadar will be testing out the London Travel Guide in the coming weeks, which is available to download for free at