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Windows Mobile 6 to expire on 15 July

Windows Mobile 6.x - dead as a dodo
Windows Mobile 6.x - dead as a dodo

Windows Mobile 6.x's days are numbered as Microsoft will no longer support the OS after 15 July.

On that date, the various versions of the OS will gather atop a hill, ready to be welcomed into the big HTC handset in the sky.

Or, rather, Microsoft will simply stop accepting new Win Mo apps and application updates from 15 July onwards.

RIP Win Mo, we hardly knew ye

Customers will still be able to buy apps, so devs can continue to rake in whatever paltry payoff Windows Mobile apps provide, but this marks the end of innovation on the beleaguered platform.

Developers, however, are less than impressed, with many feeling abandoned by Microsoft which has put minimal effort into fixing Windows Mobile marketplace bugs for some months now.

While we can understand devs' frustration as one income stream totters on its last legs, surely it can come as no surprise since the abandonment of Windows Mobile and the birth of Windows Phone.

Time to ditch the dying dog and head on to pastures new, we'd say. Windows Phone may be looking a bit lacklustre with disappointing sales reported by Gartner yesterday, but hey – there's always Android and iOS.

Via WinRumours