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HTC's Ultrapixel camera to cause supply delays?

Will the unique Ultrapixel camera module hold back the HTC one?

Is the headline feature of the HTC One to be the reason behind significant delays in shipping the phone around the world?

According to Android Authority, two components in the smartphone, including the camera module, are in short supply, based on information from investment bank KGI Securities.

In this information is correct, HTC may only be able to ship one-fifth of the phones it intends to, or between 800,000 and 1.2-million, says one KGI analyst.

Hold your horses

HTC is expected to launch in March, but could now begin delaying launches in some markets until stock is more plentiful.

This is obviously not the sort of set back HTC needs on the eve of launching a phone that many see as a return to form for the financially floundering phone maker. That a delay like this should be caused by one of the more interesting features of this phone is a cruel coincidence indeed.

The Ultrapixel camera has been receiving rave reviews from tech pundits during early hands-on and reviews. Capturing 4-megapixels worth of information, the larger pixels on the image sensor is capable of improved low-light photography and fast image capture.