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HTC Hero set to be announced 24 June?

Fun in the sun... but will we see mobile phone sunglasses?
Fun in the sun... but will we see mobile phone sunglasses?

HTC has dropped an invitation into the welcoming TechRadar inbox for a mystery event on 24 June in London.

While we usually hear something about what might be launching before the date, this one is shrouded in secrecy. But if we were betting people (and we are... TechRadar picked the top three in the Grand National) we would say that it's likely to be a big hitter.

The HTC Hero has been pictured on a number of occasions in recent months, and the well-skinned ROM to change the way we use Android has been leaked all over the place.

The Android crown

Add to that the addition of the new Samsung i7500 coming soon, and you can see why HTC wants to hold on to its Android crown.

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, has confirmed that there will be three more Android powered handsets this year, so we'd have to assume the invite will be to one of them at least, seeing as time is fast ticking to release stuff in 2009.

And the Hero, groovy name and all, would be the next big hitter that would help see HTC's assault on the 'Big Five' manufacturers grow even greater in strength.