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Google adding new phones to Nexus One range

Google planning to add to phone range
Google planning to add to phone range

Google has revealed that it will be adding more phones to its online store in the coming months.

The launch of the Nexus One phone coincided with the announcement of Google's own online store, and Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management, said that would quickly be filled with more devices:

"We've added Vodafone as a network partner in Europe and we're working as quickly as we can, not just to ensure the store ready for business [in Spring 2010], but also to make sure we can offer different flavours of phones with different operators.

"The Nexus One is the first in a series of phones in partnership with hardware partners such as HTC, Motorola and others."

Money making?

The Google Nexus One is likely to be a big hitter for the company, but the plans are clearly more wide-ranging than that, with Google touting its own shop front and now planning to add more to it.

Tellingly, in a Q&A later, Andy Rubin said: "Our primary business is advertising. The superphone category offers great to access to the internet, and along comes our usual business model of advertising.

"There is some opportunity to make some margin on unit sales, but that's not what we're doing here; people have access to Google services, people use Google every day, Google customers should have the best possible Google experience."